About The Author

Jayme Smith

Jayme Smith has been reaching out and pulling readers into worlds she created for over 30 years. It began with coming of age stories about sun-kissed surfers, written from quiet bedrooms in breezy small-town homes along the NSW coast.


Jayme’s passion for writing is evident in every sentence of her stories and the evolution of her work over the decades. This was developed through a commitment to constant study of the works and knowledge of the best in the craft and seeking out critique in the name of growth and development.


Jayme is an avid reader, from the original babysitters club series to the Koran. The vast spectrum of genres Jayme has spent her life immersing herself in has opened her mind to hidden and contrasting corridors an author can take their readers along.


Jayme’s characters are complex, flawed, engaging, consistent and mind-blowingly original. Jayme is no stranger to adventure, loss, danger, upheaval, challenges and change and this broad lived experience influences the vivid reality of her characters and the situations they find themselves in.